Nov. 13/2012: Meh-Type of Day

So…It was one of those type of days today.

After returning to my boring high school from an extra long weekend, I get greeted with boring classes.

The real kicker was the sub I had my last class (Its AP US History, if you were wondering). I have had her before, and she is the meanest sub ever.

She won’t let us use our phones (in a technology oriented school), she hardly lets us talk, and she is impartial to the African American race. Try to guess what ethnicity she is…

Another downer was the library being closed during lunch. Doesn’t seem like a really bad thing, however I usually meet and sit down with some of my other friends there (including my crush *gasp*).

Of course the huge homework load from APUSH didn’t help one bit, it left me pretty much drained. Oh well. Hopefully I can have some good dreams, those usually set my mood for the day.



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